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Publishing house Espero, Partizánske, 2008, size A5, 92 pages. Download edition 2008 (PDF).

Publishing house Espero, Partizánske, 2012, size A5, 124 pages. Download edition 2012 (PDF).

Offline version

List English-Esperanto for offline use (PDF, version November 2018).

Often used words

Lists of often used computer words in 5 languages (PDF): You can practise these words using Memrise.


The LibreOffice suite comprises programs for word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, working with databases, and composing mathematical formulae.

LibreOffice is available in Esperanto. The translation was done mostly by a team guided by Tim Morley. You can read about this (in Esperanto) in Libera Folio.

Several Esperanto-related add-ons are available, like a spellchecker.


Firefox exists in Esperanto. You can either download the Esperanto version or install the language pack.

You can use the add-on abcTajpu to type diacritical signs in Firefox.

Add Komputekon to the Firefox search bar.


The content management system is available in Esperanto. You can download and start using the full Esperanto package at this website.

Skrablo (Scrabble)

Scrabble is a word game in which two to four players score points by placing tiles, each bearing a single letter, onto a gameboard which is divided into a 15×15 grid of squares. The tiles must form words which, in crossword fashion, flow left to right in rows or downwards in columns. You can play scrabble in Esperanto online. Tiles in the Esperanto scrabble version have different values. If you want to play the game "offline", download this Word document. Cut the letters and plastify them as you wish.